Since October 2020, our barn has been home to the Marktschwärmerei Baiersdorf (Baiersdorf market hawker).

Marktschwärmer is the direct way to good food from your region. We've cut out the middlemen - making it possible to shop at fair prices for you and the people who make your food.

You can register with up to three enthusiasts in your area. As a member you are not obliged to pay anything: no membership fee. No obligation to order. No minimum purchase. No delivery costs.

You simply order online, when you want and what you want. You pick up your order once a week at your local Schwärmerei. The producers are there in person to answer all your questions about products, production or the best recipe ideas.

Marktschwärmer is a growing community of regional producers and consumers who want to eat and farm differently. The direct exchange between producers and consumers creates transparency and trust, the foundations of Marktschwärmer.

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